Being Infinite

I did what I thought I could with all devotion and all courage that I could gather. There was no sorrow in my story, no struggle that I now regret, no story that I now feel untreated. Success and failure are just tags and I have learned this the harder way. This amazing thing called Life never disappoints us. It brings to us things at a time we thought we didn’t have place for. It lets us become the person we thought we could never be. It is a treasure house of opportunities. What you make out of it is a question personal to each one of us, but that doesn’t make these possibilities less optimistic. 

Life never tells you about right or wrong. Infact they are the same if you broaden your vision. Every side has a story, it is just that everything on the other side seems blatantly wrong. There is no one to dictate you to decide what it is like to feel what you feel. There is no one who can make you feel miserable about yourself if you know well enough what you are inside. There is no pull and push in life anymore when you know what do you want from it. But the strange part is  neither do we know how it feels to feel the way we feel, nor do we have answers to the other questions. Don’t panic just now. Even without these answers we may be better off. 

When you don’t know what you are, you can become whatever you want to be. You can mould yourself the way you want. Everytime you feel shattered, you can transform yourself into a better version of yourself. At the end of this continuous process of reinvention, you may find what you actually are. You may realize that everytime you change, it feels to be different. Every emotion attracts to you in an inexperienced manner. The gravity changes and so does the burden that each feeling brings with itself. You will have an answer then and it may not appear to be a just the one right now.And I know the answer- INFINITE. Infinite possibilities, infinite dreams and infinite truths. 

The story will still refuse to end when you have all the answers in the hand. Because what you have been doing all your life is gasping a part of the Infinite in you. You shall continue doing that till end of your days because someday when you close your eyes and look inside, not only would you see the answer, you will become one. The key to every lock. The pass to every riddle. The answer to every question. 

Being Infinite is not being complete. It is not that everything has a found a place in you. It is about indulging your senses beyond the scope of your mind. It is about moving ahead of society, setting the course of your time and being able to do it all without any sense of burden. You accept it all. All success, all failure, everything that comes in your way with grace. Grace that makes you stand out but that does not leave you alone. Being infinite is about the possibilities in your heart. The ability to explore yourself with no questions asked. The desire to break yourself only to recast the bars a little further. There is so much balance and content. The Himalayas comes to rest on your forehead, and the internal tides seem to fall back slower now. And all that you see and feel and experience is you and the wide world painted in white.


Story and its Time

It was then,

And now it is again. 

The world did know how to sway.

Time didn’t have time to tell its story,

Every time it told, it was lost. 

For time had no time to lose,

And to lose, was what it always wanted. 

The air didn’t lift the suspense,

The wind didn’t keep its promise.

And when they came rushing, it lifted

What the air didn’t spell, wind had to tell. 

Everything in its time get chance to come to fore,

No story is left untold, no heart left to crave for more. 

But when one decides to close themselves in the shackles of their feelings,

The world waits for the bubble to burst when patience reaches it’s glass ceiling.