Story of the Forgotten Girl

​There sat on a mother’s lap- a girl,         Her eyes scanned the open sky,         When she saw the birds soar high.         All she wanted was to fly. 

There sat on a bench- a girl,                   Her eyes found pleasure in words,             A pile of books when she read.                All she wanted was to dream. 

There sat on a palanquin- a girl,           Her eyes forced low, for she had to be shy.                                                                       A wedding gown, sparkling jewellery when she wore,                                             All she wanted was to be unchained.

There sat on a pyre- a girl,                       Her eyes were closed, her body scarred. When she woke in heaven’s arm,           All she wanted was to never go back. 

The lap, the bench, the palanquin,         All empty shall remain.                             She could have soared high, dreamt and made it true,                                                 The world says she didn’t try. 

Oh, what do you know of her story?     Her struggle, her pain, her agony.         She had a heart, she did fight back,       She may have failed, but courage she didn’t lack. 

What society did, what society does.     No questions raised, truth is left to die.      History has forgotten her,                        The pages didn’t leave her side. 


6 thoughts on “Story of the Forgotten Girl

  1. Hi Jash, you have a phenomenal talent. Just keep it up. Some day I am sure you will go sky high and make your Dad proud of you. All my love and wishes are with you Son. Best of luck

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