The Last Day

​Silence. No ushering wind, no words, no rhythm in the air. Silence. Even the pages didn’t flip, it was as if there was no story left to be told. The sky was dark and covered with a blanket of clouds. The twinkling stars all hid and moon was too shy to appear. Stillness. Time had forgotten its way. Every minute seemed like a lifetime. This silence, this stillness was all within me. The nature had just eloped with my idea of life and after so long I could feel the depth of my soul. Ah, what a night it is! What a beautiful beautiful night it is going to be! 

There was nothing to remember and nothing to forget. The devious plan of man to take control had at last to be at the mercy of almighty’s creations. If what there was before nothing and what there will be after all chaos had subsided into the realm of infinty were one and the same, then there is nothing progressive in human life. For our lies had outnumbered the truths we have told. Not just the lies to others, but those to ourselves. Of making ourselves believe that we are something, someone other than what we never were. The more we try to fit to this superficial mechanical block of the world’s belief, the more disgrace we bring to our purpose. They say we all are broke, for it is from there the light enters. I say, we all are broke inside and our thick skins doesn’t give light the chance to make us shine. 
But now the time has come, and silence is going to take it all over. I know there will be no tomorrow. Nothing to wake to. Nothing to be excited about. Nothing to worry for. I am finally going to merge with HIS soul. I know no fear. For the first time in my lifetime, I am new. My soul aloft with idea of freedom. 

At twilight, I wake up to a new today. But the concept of time is now all but deceived. There is no end now. No future. All that is, is today. And that is what there ever  will be.


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