The Spring Awakening

It was spring. The hills sparkled with gush green color painted with strokes of rejuvenation. The foothills simmered as the rays of the sun looked upon it. The mountain peaks still shined white and bright. And as far as I looked, I saw nature at its best. Best, though, would be an inappropriate adjective to use for the varied colors and forms of it are utterly delightful. But I would still prefer to use the word best for I share the love for life. The nature has just been awakened from its long beautiful sleep, kissed by the charming prince back into life.

Geared in an over-sized shirt worn over a discolored brown tee shirt, I kept walking. The breeze kissed my forehead and my hair dances on its symphony. The road is long and so has been the wait. Six years ago, I had left it all in search of what I thought could fetch me happiness. Six years later, I stand exactly where I had left and this time I know where it has been all along. Ambiguous to our desires is the commitment of our heart to fulfill the destiny we think we are born with. But congruent to our destiny is the devious plan of our minds driven by the dreams we wish to envisage. Disillusioned by our desires, we hope to bring to fruition our dreams dictated by our destiny. But dreams are unchained and destiny self-written. Achievements are overrated and success volatile. In this battle of dreams, desires and destiny we seldom forget that innocence is happiness. Where dreams are unbound by its rationality, where success is not an epitome of one’s desires and failure one’s guide and where the belief in oneself is so powerful that destiny is no longer something one is born with but something one shall die with, where all these are true and still far from being attained is where I have finally found myself.

I stand in front of a green colored wooden door. I knock at it once and then again. An old lady opens the door. I touch her feet to seek her blessings. To my amazement she says – “You came back quite early. I wasn’t expecting you this soon. I didn’t know my son was so brave.” I have no answers and I never will. I smile. She smiles. We have stories to share. I have awakened from my sleep. It was long and lonely. Now that I am awake, I can finally care to dream again. Now that that I am awake, I can finally learn to live.


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